Genco Airport 1939

New York Municiple
Airport 1939 *

Airport is a beautiful sequence skill game themed on New York Municipal Airport. At the time the air travel industry was in it's infancy and airships were in use.

The game features a derigable (passenger carrying aiship) flying around the sky in a backbox light animation that notches up the scoring.

Five airports must be visited in sequence to attain high scores. A very tricky but addictive game with beautiful artwork on both deck and cabinet.

Airport was sitting deep in Pinball Paradise's Warehouse, Bordon UK, for several years before being dug out and passed to the Decopinball project. Bob supplied the project without legs and overpainted in brown drag. The playfield and backglass were in outstanding condition cosmetically.

Airport with two Archers

The brown overpaint was chemically removed to reveal a near perfect original design. The front end of the box was however in a sad state of repair. This had to be completely re-painted from new stencils made from the newly uncovered side artwork. The backglass frame and wood rails were sanded lightly and then varnished. Particular care was made restore the wood carefully so as not to make it look brand new.

Legs were cut, routed and drilled from seasoned oak sourced from a reclaimed staircase. As with all games of such age, the electro-mechanics needed complete overhaul. Once all the tasks were complete a true beauty was revealed.

* Image of New York Municiple Airport courtesy of