The Vogue is a roulette themed pinball made in 1938 by Stoner. This flipperless game has six gobble holes that activate the mystery score. The mystery score is determined by a continuously rotating light animated roulette wheel on the backglass. This concept was original for its era. When the ball falls into a hole the score that was showing on the roulette wheel at that time adds to total scoring on backbox. The max score for this game is 7900.

The game was sourced by Tony from the London Arcadia auction in 1987. It was been in storage up until 2003, when it was restored by Decopinball. As with many games of the era, legs were missing and had to be reproduced from solid oak

The graphics and cabinet shape on this piece are a stunning example of Art Deco style at its best. Gameplay is simple but satisfying.